$29M for renovation of PM’s residence


pm residence[www.inewsguyana.com] – The official residence of the Prime Minister is set for a major facelift in the near future with cabinet giving its no-objection to the award of a $29M contract.

This was revealed by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Friday at a post cabinet press conference.

Soon after the APNU+AFC coalition took office, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo had reportedly decried the situation at the Official residence, saying it was unfit for occupation.

According to a Stabroek News report on June 10, Nagamootoo was “confronted with was dead rats in the oven” during his initial visit to the residence.

He also stated that there were some makeshift remedies in place including a plastic to catch water when it rains, since the roofing was damaged.

“That is the state of the place and I couldn’t see the barrack room there that they had for guards; I probably wouldn’t even put my dogs there, I think they would die,” he reportedly stated.



  1. William Adams , yuh still wid dat foolishness ’bout camp street ? Granger and Naga done wid dat stupidness lang lang , yuh mean yuh nah sah put am down by now ? Soh wen yuh gon put dem in jail ? Tell mih nuh ?

  2. “The people that do know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits in the earth realm”. In the name of the Lord Jesus, we thank our Lord Jesus for a brighter Guyana. We thank our God for local Government elections that is set for 18th March, 2016 and Father we declare that those whom You will raise to function over this aspect of this nation will function to the best of their God-given ability. Let the anointing of God destroy every yoke in their lives in Jesus’ name! We decree, declare, and establish that there would be continued cordial relations between Guyana and the United States. We further decree, declare and establish in the name of Jesus that local democracy will be restored, that Guyanese citizens, political parties and the private sector will unite to make Guyana flourish again. We speak in the name of Jesus that the Peace of God and Goodwill will prevail in this nation. In the mighty name of Jesus let the God of peace give us peace NOW in Jesus’ name!!!.

  3. Now the country got money man you see 22 m for a ride now 29 m for house plus 11m in his pocket ,the cut budget to full his pocket easy money that the pppc put up and save them a bill away it like fun no shame but moon a run till day a catch it ,bucket a go a well everyday but oneday he bottom going to fall out

  4. Good going u should spend every cent out before the 5 yrs is up. It’s no way Guyana can get better. Name one party that was in power for the people and not for the money.

  5. At lease all Guyanese could see what the money is spent on,not like the way the criminals were thieving it, the class less people that lived in these buildings were only concern about themselves not the proper upkeep and restoration of buildings of historical value, for them the PeePeePee they would rip city hall,St Georges,and build CRAP, it’s going to take a long time to return GUYANA to a country it should be,,,,

  6. We could answer all the questions with two words “PRADOVILLE TWO” .If i were a ppp supporter i would not ever mention government spending on housing, you will remind the Guyanese public of the corrupt spending of your cohorts, ! wait a second there’s still another chapter in that Pradoville book that should end with Camp and Durban street occupancy for some of your buddies.

  7. I believe,any one should be comfortable where he or she resides,especially the Prime Minister of a country.If the renovation of that building costs that much,so be it.Please be certain,that the bills indicate that amount,or there shall be the gnashing of teeth or gumbs.

  8. Here we go again. This Defacto Administration continues full their pockets and live the high life while the average Guyanese suffers. While in opposition they promised to give the people “the good life”. Now that they have stolen power or came through the back door they have forgotten their promises. These idiots will drain the treasury however there supporters will continue to support them since they prefer to eat grass.

  9. The spending spree continues.Great job .Let the poor continue to be poor and the power master gets more powerful.Lets see how long nagamotoo will stay on the job to inherit the changes.There may be plans ahead…….

  10. All monies will go in salary, fixing the house, vehicles and luxury. Let them live like public servants. Why the government is spending the tax payers money on Mr. Nag mootoo? Look at the condition of the house of common man who thought that this government will work for them? How can you guys take big salaries and say that house is unfit for you to live and buy fancy vehicles and put the remaining money in drains the flood again when rain is back???????


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