24 escape from Juvenile Holding Centre at Essequibo

New Opportunity Corp

Twenty-four juveniles have escaped from the New Opportunity Corps (NOC), a holding centre in Essequibo, Region Two.

Inews understands that the NOC residents made their good escape on Saturday around 19:30hrs.

Seventeen males and seven females escaped, even though the facility was equipped with three security officers.

So far, two have been recaptured while another two voluntarily returned.

According to the police, investigations revealed that the females opened a southern door in their dormitory and tied five sheets together then threw the knotted sheets over the western fence of the compound in order to escape.

INews was told that the males who broke out of the NOC did so by opening a southern window in their dormitory and simply climbed over the fence.

Meanwhile, residents in the area and neighbouring communities are calling for an immediate investigation as to why there are so many breakouts at the juvenile holding facility.









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