23 years of damage cannot be fixed in 9 months – VP Allicock

File photo: Minister Sydney Allicock

Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs and Vice President, Sydney Allicock, made a public apology to the Members of the Opposition PPP/C for being unable, within the eight months he has been in the APNU/AFC Government, to fix all the damage caused by the PPP/C  during the 23 years they were in Government.

Minister Sydney Allicock
Minister Sydney Allicock

Minister Allicock was at the time making his contribution to the ongoing week-long 2016 budget debate in the National Assembly which is slated for a high-voltage conclusion in the National Assembly this afternoon with three high profile speakers from the Government (Minister of Public Security Joe Harmon, Finance Minister Winston Jordan and Prime Minister  Moses Nagamootoo ) pitted against Opposition Leader and former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo.

Allicock, during his debate presentation, said:  “I take this opportunity to apologise to the honorable members Harry Gill and Yvonne Pearson.  I am truly sorry, sir, that as a government we were unable in the nine months in office to fix all the damage created by the PPP over the last twenty three years.  But we are working on that,” Allicock told the House.

The minister rebutted statements which he deemed as not factual by members of the Opposition, who had made their presentations earlier. He stated that, “I note well the presence of some born-again indigenous members on the other side.  These Honorable Members may have had their ‘damascus’ moment at the end of their journey to the opposition benches.”

Addressing statements purporting that miners were awarded blocks in lands traditionally occupied, utilized and applied for as village lands by Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples, the minister noted these were matters which his Government inherited from the previous PPP/C Administration that now sits in the opposition benches.

“These awards were made after Kangaruma and Tasserene, for example, had applied for these lands to become their Village lands.  Mr Speaker, these Honourable Members of the Opposition were part of the team which participated in the handing over of worthless pieces of paper to Kangaruma and Tasserene suggesting to the leaders of these communities that they were being handed land titles,” Vice President Allicock disclosed.





  1. More FAILURE by the new PNC Regime!

    Soon the Guyana treasury will be LOOTED again..just like under the Burnham Despotic Dictatorial Regime!
    Please ask former Finance Minister Hope where he got the millions to build a mansion in the US while ordinary Guyanese were starving?

  2. Well I know for sure that your party promised to fix or better it during the campaigns period and don’t forget you cut their budget that was meant to take Guyana forward, and you made it stagnant and now it is at a standstill and edging backwards. We are all watching and the pressure will be on.

  3. Funny thing to note. My fellow comment colleague I did some research of out deaf Vic President, I found out Vic President don’t have a first degree and I am not sure if he finished his secondary education. Awwww man 23 year he had to complete his secondary education if indeed he didnt complete secondary school and at least attended a university. This would have nice up his CV. I think he should start study now at UG and by the end of the first term of the govt he would be a first degree owner. Look at his friend Mr Bulkhan he finish secondary school n he attended a university in USA for 8 months, not too sure if he get his degree. But at least he can stand up an say he went to a university and he obtain a student card. I only hope that Mr Allicock is not in a dilemma when one of his Amerindian brother bake a cassava bread and put his name on it and he eat out the cassava bread without knowing he eat out his name.

  4. He might have cock eye but how many of you BLIND, he might be seeing things twisted but he wasn’t feeling and tapping the group with a 3P stick,,sight is a Blessing,blindness is a world full of ,,,,hello!!!!

  5. 23 years of damage cannot be fixed in 9 months – VP Allicock
    Well allicock boy you sound like a dumb pnc mook..
    you had 23 years of beating ppp to get out of power so you can fix all the wrongs ppp done..you sound like the jackass whom feeding you this trash.. sounds like pnc dunces writing your notes..

  6. MP ALLIECOCK that last part of your last name suggest what you really ARE! Why are you fooling the public? Doped to hang your mouth were soup is leaking-Here are some of the Questions I have for you since you so claim the PPP made damages for the last 23 years and 9 months into the office you cannot fix anything…..1) Why did crime rate went from 5% to 45%? PPP to be blame for this? Explain this? 2) Why Christopher Ram (who is the PNC biggest supporter pre-election is NOW crying budget fraud sighting corruption in the contracts? Explain this? 3) Why did the USA last week release by FORBES magazine suggest that Guyana has made ZERO grounds on corruption? You mean to tell me 9 months in office and you guys did not improve by a single %? 4) Since the PPP left office, the economy went down by 3.4%….If the PPP did damages, one would suggest that it would go in the positive direction if your claims are true…BUT you seem to be lying so bad that even the monkeys who never went to school will see right through you….SORRY to spell it out to the people but this PNC regime has no skills to take Guyana FWD….The Guyanese around the world see ZERO progress and the direction is which Guyana is heading certainly does not look bright under this administration…..


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