23-Y-O Corentyne man allegedly drugged, gang raped


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The family of a 23 – year -old man is crying out for justice, after they reported that he was allegedly raped by three men in the Corentyne Berbice area.

iNews understands that he was allegedly drugged and sodomized by the men while working with them on January 29, 2015. His mother told iNews that her son only came forward and related to the family what had occurred on February 04‎.

She explained that the incident has left him in a state of shock and shame, which initially prompted him to remain quiet for days before reporting the matter to the police.

The 23 – year – old recently got married. iNews understands that the young man felt “paralyzed” after consuming an alcoholic beverage that was given to him by one of the friends and he subsequently fainted.

It was noted that he woke up at his place of work after the alleged rape and then went home without revealing what happened to anyone.

However, after returning to work, his alleged rapists verbally abused him and it only came to a stop when he chopped one of them. This then prompted a police investigation which uncovered that the 23 – year – old was allegedly raped.

The victim continues to receive medical and psychological treatment to help him cope with the stress and trauma of the incident.

The woman has since accused some police ranks in the Corentyne area of trying to cover up the matter; however Commander of ‘B’ Division, Brian Joseph reassured iNews that this is not the case.

He explained that a statement was obtained from the victim after a report of rape was made and the accused men were arrested and placed on bail as investigations continue.