22-yr-old Essequibo miner burnt self to death


Shock waves rippled through the small Amerindian village of St Denys/Tapakuma in Region Two, early this morning when the charred body of 22-year-old Noland Warren was discovered.

Noland Warren’s body was discovered by neighbours early  this morning after he burnt himself alive.  INews  understands that the miner was alone at the time of the incident.

According to his father Vincent Lowe, he received a call midnight Monday informing him that his son set his body on fire. Lowe, who is a watchman at the Dawa Pump station, said his wife was with him at the time the incident occurred.

“Neighbours call we, I had to ask them if they are sure, cause my son was not a person like that. I am shocked, still can’t believe this,” the saddened father related.

When asked what may have triggered the teen to commit such hideous act on his body, the father related he is clueless. Meanwhile, Toshoa of the Amerindian Community, James Scaddles, said he is very saddened over the death of the deceased. Scaddles said the deceased never appeared to have problems but he would often withdraw his self from society. The Toshoa however, noted that Warren suffered from mental issue and sometimes would do unusual things. He also related that a ‘Lighter’ and a bottle that contained gasoline was found on the scene.

Scaddles said he is disappointed that several calls made to the Police went unanswered.

” I kept trying the police, we are living over 30 miles from Anna Regina, the road is bad, signal is (weak), we trying to get help but no help is available, I had to call the Chairman, Mr. Ramdatt who got police,” the toshoa related.
The miner was the eldest of two children for his parents. Police from ‘G’ Division are presently investigating





  1. Almost, if not all of these suicides are relationships based. These people need help… l pray that God enter their hearts and give them the strength they so need.

  2. Looknuh any of you PNC parasites have any decency do you know the meaning of decency– keep your trash talk for PNCites on sn tabloid… dont stink up de joint here like you do on sn.

  3. This is a result of the Economic Crisis bought about by the APNU/AFC Regime and the Stress that comes with it. Not everyone can withstand this kind of pressure ,so they end their life. Be strong fellow Guyanese God will provide for us.

  4. if you don’t have respect for the living surviving family members who are in grief over their present bereavement, you should at least have the sense to show some respect for the dead! you are one very sick and very stupid character and you are always first on here writing absolute trash!

  5. 22-yr-old Essequibo miner burnt self to death.
    Not shocking at all:
    More of this to come is only a matter of time..
    PNC will sure say this is a mad person.
    Guyanese start feeling the PNC pressure already so this is just the tip of the ice berg.


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