2 inmates injured in NA Prison brawl

Ramnarine Jagmohan (left) and Neshan Jagmohan

Two inmates of the New Amsterdam Prison were rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital after a gang fight erupted in the prison on Sunday.

Ramnarine Jagmohan (left) and Neshan Jagmohan

The injured men are murder accused Asif Hamid, of Corriverton, and Davenand Dhadhari, called “Kevin”, of Betsy Ground, East Canje.
Hamid, 22, was admitted in critical condition, while Dhadhari, 19, was treated and sent away. Hamid is awaiting trial for the killing of Henry “Beminal” Lalman, 78, of Number 36 Village, Corentyne, while Dhadhari is on remand for the April 17, 2016 murder of Omesh Seelall. Reports are that on Sunday morning, Hamid and Tamishwar Jagmohan, who was also remanded for murder, were involved in a fight over a cellular phone.
Unconfirmed reports suggest that Hamid punched Jagmohan several times to the face and took possession of the cellular phone.

Injured: Asif Hamid

Jagmohan is one of five persons on trial for the triple Black Bush Polder murder. It is alleged that between July 21 and July 22, 2016 at Kokerite Creek Savannah, they murdered Pawan Chandradeo, 37, called “Suresh” and “Jug Up”; his son, Jaikarran Chandradeo, 16, called “Kevin”; and his brother-in-law Naresh Rooplall, 35, called “Teeka Bai” and “Mice”.

Reports indicated that on Sunday, Jagmohan and two of his brothers, who are both remanded for two other murders, took revenge on Hamid.
Police confirmed that Hamid was stabbed and chopped by the Jagmohan brothers – Tamishwar along with Ramnarine and Neshan Jagmohan. This publication understands that Ramnarine Jagmohan 28, of Belvedere Squatting Area, Corentyne and his brother, Neshan Jagmohan, 23, a cane harvester, are both indicted for the October 7, 2013 murder of Corentyne businessman Devindra Deodat, 34, called “Dave”, of Hampshire Squatting Area.

Tamishwar Jagmohan

The trio allegedly went to Hamid who was at the time sitting at a table in the remand auditorium and used improvised weapons to injury him. They also injured Dhadhari, who was at the time sitting next to Hamid. According to a hospital source, Hamid is currently a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital. His condition is listed as critical.

B (Berbice) Division Commander, Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam said the weapons used in the attack were confiscated. However, he said the Police did not conduct a search at the prison for other illegal objects which inmates may have. It is not clear whether prison authorities carried such a search on Sunday.
According to a Guyana Times report, prison authorities have promised to separate and isolate the Jagmohans, while Dhadhari is to be placed in the infirmary until he fully recovers.



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