2 in custody for New Year’s assassinations – Hicken

David Singh was killed on the spot (Nakasia Logan Image)

Two suspects are now in custody following murders on New Year’s evening, in Friendship, which took the lives of two cousins, according to Police “A” Division Commander, Clifton Hicken earlier today.

David Singh was killed on the spot after being shot 15 times to his body (Nakasia Logan Image)

Reports indicate that at approximately 19:00hrs yesterday, David Singh, 34, a chicken vendor and his 23-year-old cousin Hazrudeen Hussain of little Baiboo, Mahaica Creek were ambushed by two masked men, armed with rifles, who opened fire on them just after they left a fowl cock fight gambling den in Friendship, East Bank Demerara.

The murderers then fled the scene.

According to police, Singh was shot 15 times about his body and died instantly, however Hussain was pronounced dead while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital. He reportedly sustained injuries to his neck and chest.

Nothing of value was taken from the victims and police are treating the incident as a “hit.” (Ramona Luthi)



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  2. Birds of feather flock together,the time these fools spent fighting dogs and cocks they could have been doing much more for their family’s,it’s clear this was a HIT,the family and friends know what criminals they associated with and what was the reason they paid the price so dearly. Gambling,drugs,are just some of the dirty ways these suckers chose to the path of richness,the price tag is death,may paid the price and these fools not learning


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