19-yr-old claims he was badly beaten by Police ranks in Berbice

Jameek Hakim claims he was kicked and slapped until his ears started to hurt
Jameek Hakim claims he was kicked and slapped until his ears started to hurt

A 19-year-old  is seeking justice after he was allegedly beaten by Police ranks whom he also claimed nearly drowned him in a bucket of water.

Jameek Hakim of 4th Street Ankerville, Port Mourant, Corentyne was reportedly picked up by Police at his home and taken to the Whim Police Station, where he allegedly was physically assaulted. He has shown marks on his upper body which he alleges resulted from the assault.

Hakim says he sells household items and operates as a huckster. According to him, when he was arrested he was not told the reason for his arrest. “They take me to the station and put me to kneel down, and start beating me in my head and my shoulders with a black wire. They stamp me in my back,” he said.

Hakim claims he was kicked and slapped until his ears started to hurt.

Hakim also alleges that the officers placed pepper in his mouth, and slammed his head into a wall.

The injured man further related that during interrogation, he called the names of two family members, claiming that they have knowledge which could be vital to the Police. “Instead of being saved I was tortured more,” he declared.

The teenager said he was locked up for 72 hours, and then transferred to the Reliance Police Station in East Canje, where he was charged. Hakim is currently before the court on an indictable charge, and was released on his own recognizance.

‘B’ Division Commander, Assistant Commissioner Lindon Alves, when contacted, related that he had received a telephone call from a regional official about an alleged Police beating, and advised that the person first make a complaint to the officer in charge of that sub-division.

Alves said he received no information from the officer in charge of the sub-division, and cannot say if the person did indeed make an official complaint. He noted that the Police would not be able to comment on the matter until an official complaint has been received.



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