16-yr-old arrested after fatally stabbing rival in love triangle


A resident of Eccles, East Bank Demerara has been arrested after he fatally stabbed another villager, who attempted to run him over with a car, in an apparent love triangle.

Dead is Intiaz Ally, 22, an excavator operator of Lot 121 ‘BB’ Eccles. According to reports, the incident occurred just after 22:00h at a few houses from where Ally shared a dwelling with his girlfriend of 15 months, Nicola Indal.

 Dead Intiaz Ally and Nicola Indal earlier this year
Dead Intiaz Ally and Nicola Indal earlier this year

Police reports revealed that Indal was on her way home from work in the company of the 16-year-old suspect, who was riding a bicycle alongside her, something he usually does. At the time, the suspect was in possession of the woman’s bag which contained a ten-inch ‘rambo’ knife, the police said.

“It was alleged that as they were proceeding in a northern direction, Ally, who was driving motor car PSS 2435, struck down the suspect who got up and began to run but was apprehended by Ally. (The now dead man) started to beat him and during this process the suspect, who was still in possession of the bag, took out the knife and allegedly inflicted a wound to the left side of Ally’s neck,” a Police release detailed.

According to the release, the injured man was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead.


According to a report in today’s Guyana Times,  the distraught Indal explained that of recent, her relationship with Ally had become rocky because he was abusing her, and had even cheated on her. She noted that the deceased became suspicious of her and would constantly accuse her of cheating on him, as revenge.

She said that only last week, they had a fight on the same issue and he hit her. Following this Ally moved out and went to stay with his mother at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo.

“We had a fight because he said that I was cheating on him and when I asked with whom, he said he don’t know but when he find out it gon be big scene with he and the boy and me,” the young woman related.

Indal, who operates an internet café in Eccles, recalled that on Saturday night Ally called her on the phone sometime around 21:13hrs, knowing that she closes at 22:00hrs, and said he wanted to see her. However, she noted at the time he was in Parika, East Bank Essequibo, at a wedding and she forbid him to come because he was drinking and would have sped on the way down.

At the time she noted that the suspect, who works at a nearby carwash, was at the café using the wifi, which is a norm, and Ally demanded that the call be placed on speaker so that he can talk to the teenager.

Indal said after talking to the suspect for a few minutes about his car, Ally then threatened the teenager that he is on his way with a car load of men to beat him up for “stealing his happiness”. At that point, the young woman said she retrieved the phone from the teenager and continued talking to Ally for about an hour, until she heard wind blowing through the phone and suspected he was on his way to Eccles.

The young woman said she immediately closed the internet and, in the company of her siblings, cousins and the suspect, proceeded home. Upon reaching the house, Indal said she requested the teenager to escort one of her relatives home, a few corners away, since it was late.

It was at this point, they noticed Ally’s car coming through the street. “I tell them don’t move because when (Ally) drink he gets real hasty so they gon wait till he gone and then go. Then he turned around and left so they proceed in the opposite direction and next thing we see Inti car come through the other… When he got closer he accelerated to a speed and came towards us,” the young woman recalled.


In tears, she further related that everybody scattered but the car hit the bicycle that the teenager was on and he fell. She noted that the suspect was holding her bag that contained a laptop and cash from the day’s proceedings as well as a knife which she has for protection. She added too that the deceased had two other males in the car.

“(Ally) come out the car and approach the boy (suspect) but the boy run… One of he friend hold he back but he break way and run after the boy and catch he. Inti dig like about four cuffs to the boy and all I see the boy make one punch – I could have swear it was a punch, I didn’t know is bore he bore Inti to his neck and he fall on his knees,” the grieving woman recounted.

Indal said that her sister along with Ally’s two friends rushed him to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre but on the way there he died. When asked by reporters whether in fact, she had a relationship with the suspect, the young woman denied. However, the teenager’s mother’s told reporters that her son and Indal did in fact share a relationship.

Nevertheless, the suspect, who resides at Eccles Old Road, has since been taken into custody to assist with investigations.

The alleged murder weapon was retrieved.


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