16-year-old murdered allegedly by husband


Homicide Detectives are in pursuit of a 25-year-old unemployed male who allegedly murdered his 16-year-old reputed wife at their place of abode, in 369 No. 2 Village, East Canje, Berbice , around 12:55hrs on Saturday.

The teens body which bore a laceration to the throat, suspected to have been inflicted by a sharp instrument, is presently at the Arokium Funeral Parlour awaiting a post-mortem examination scheduled for Monday.

This publication was informed that the couple recently had a misunderstanding and the suspect was asked to leave the home which he did but only to return on Saturday when he allegedly committed the act and fled the scene.

A knife suspected to be the murder weapon was found in a cistern within close proximity of the teens body.



  1. Too young to marry too young to understand life values parent you need to stop marrying off your child at a young age it is illegal you should be charged and held responsible along with the one who committed that crime it is not legal to married off of 16 year old child she’s a child she should be in school taking her education now look at what she’s dead rest in peace kid


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