16-year-old escapes police custody, recaptured

The 16-year-old teen after being recaptured

The teen who was arrested by police, regarding his involvement in a robbery under arms incident committed on a Sophia, Greater Georgetown resident, on Thursday evening, fled police custody on Sunday, and was re-captured several hours later.

The 16-year-old teen after being recaptured

According to information received, the 16-year-old bolted from lawful custody at the Cove and John Police Station, while he had requested to use the washroom.

He was reportedly escorted there by a rank that became suspicious after 10 minutes had passed and he was not hearing anything.

It was then that another officer observed the youth climbing over a fence.

However, INews understands that upon making his way to his Sophia home,  his mother turned him over to Crime Chief, Paul Williams and ‘C’ Division Commander Edmond Cooper by informing them of her son’s location.

Prior to his re-arrest, the teenager vehemently denied any involvement in the crimes he had been accused of.

The juvenile also claimed that he was coerced by Police to give his statement, noting that a threat was made to his life.

“The gun that they find in the house down there [where he lived], I don’t really be over there. But they try to claim is this man I get it from, this man they carry me by, that that’s the man I does rent it from. That’s what they make I say, and they make me mother sign it,” he stated.

“Them tell me if I ain’t seh that, they gon kill me,” he added.

When questioned about the stolen cell phone that was discovered in his possession, the youth claimed, “the cell phone there, I buy it from a young man not too long ago, before the Police come by me, for one thousand dollars.”

The young man also admitted that he was involved in a previous gun crime, but stated that that was the only occasion in which he had done something to that extent.

On Thursday evening, 34-year-old Abinda Accra, a painter of ‘C’ Field, Sophia, was robbed of his cellular phone and cash while in the Sophia area.

The man reported the robbery to the Police, stating that the perpetrator was a teenager.

Operating on intelligence, Police ranks swooped down on the home of this 16-year-old and found a .32 special revolver.

During the interrogation, the youth disclosed that he had rented the firearm from another man in the area.

That man’s house was searched, and an additional .32 special revolver was found along with a .40 pistol and a total of 10 live rounds.

Both persons are now in police custody.



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