1-year-old murdered, thrown out of window into swamp for earrings


Police say the have in custody a 20-year-old unemployed, A Field Sophia, man who allegedly, in dastardly fashion, attempted to rob and murdered his 1-year-old niece.

Dead is one and a half years old Ronasha Pilgrim of 98 North Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Based on information received the incident occurred between 03:30 -04:00hrs this morning, at the said address.

According to the Police the deceased along with her brothers ages 10 and 12 years were left in the house by their father, a security guard, who went to work.

The suspect then allegedly broke a northern window, entered the house and attempted to relieve the baby of her earrings.

She reportedly began to scream and the suspect allegedly tossed her through a window into the swamped yard. On leaving, the suspect allegedly placed a pile of wood on top of the deceased who was submerged under the approximately 11/2 feet depth water and slush.

The body is presently at the Lyken’s Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Police say the suspected relative is assisting with the ongoing investigation.



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