Zeelugt fisherman drowns in Waini River


A 52-year-old fisherman is now dead after he reportedly drowned in the Waini River mouth, Region One.
He had been identified as Ram Lakhan Dalcharran, called “Rajin,” of Tulla Boy Street, Zeelugt Squatting Area, East Bank Essequibo.
According to reports, Dalcharran had reportedly jumped overboard while his crew members were asleep. The incident occurred sometime around 04:00h last Tuesday in the Waini River mouth.
The man’s sister, Amrita Khelawan, told INews that her brother left home on Sunday last with a crew to go on a fishing trip; and on Wednesday morning, her mother called and informed her that he had drowned.

Khelawan said that after confirming the news with the owner of the boat, she made a report at the Leonora Police Station and was told that she had to travel to Mabaruma.
The following day, Khelawan said, she took a flight to Region One, and went straight to the Mabaruma Police Station upon landing. While there, she related, the officer-in-charge received a call that her brother’s body was found at Shell Beach. She thus accompanied a party of policemen to the area.
“We take an hour boat ride to Shell Beach, and when we got there I see my brother’s body – like it washed up on shore,” she recalled.
Dalcharran’s body was subsequently transported to the Mabaruma Mortuary to await a post-mortem examination, which is expected to be done on Monday.
According to the sister, the condition of her brother’s body is inconsistent with that of a drowned person. His body was swollen and the hair had started to fall off, while his skin was peeling and discoloured, she explained.

Dead, Ram Lakhan Dalcharran, called ‘Rajin’

Khelawan noted that while there seems to be no reason to suggest that her brother’s death was nothing but a mere accident, there are some details surrounding what transpired that have her puzzled.
“My brother used to drink, but my brother never had anything like seizures or so. But the crew members were saying that he ‘trip out’ and was shouting that there was another boat coming at them and that he was tying up the boat with rope,” the woman related.
She said they explained that after calming her brother down, everyone went to sleep, and awoke upon hearing a loud splash in the water. Khelawan had reportedly jumped overboard.
“They said he catch ‘rum jumbi’, but since I know my brother growing up, I never knew of such happening before,” the sister related.
Nevertheless, the woman noted that Dalcharran had been a fisherman for 10 years, and had had a hiatus of six years. This was his first trip back out “at sea” since then.
Reports reaching INews indicate that the captain and four other crew members were taken into custody, but after the 72 hours’ detention period had expired, they were released on condition that they report to the Mabaruma Police Station every day until investigations are completed.
Dalcharran leaves to mourn five children, two grandchildren, his elderly parents and siblings.



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