Young fisherman feared drowned, but father suspects foul play

Devin Persaud
Devin Persaud

Devin Persaud, 21, of Crabwood Creek, Berbice is feared drowned following a fishing trip in the Corentyne River.

The matter was reported to the police today by the boat owner.

On April 14, Persaud and four others departed on the fishing trip. According to the boat captain, on April 15 at around 23:30hrs, Persaud jumped overboard to “beat water to chase fish in the seine”.

Some ten minutes later, Persaud would have called out to the other crew members to collect him. The captain said he turned the boat and proceeded towards the young man.

Reports are that just just as they approached him, Persaud allegedly let go of a life jacket he was holding onto and went underwater.

Checks were made for him and he was not found.

Persaud’s 62-year-old father, Parmanand is suspicious of the story related by the other crew members. He suspects that his son was probably murdered.

The elder Persaud said he received a tip about the whereabouts of his son’s body and that he is making preparations to head to that location.

“Right now ah trying to fix this engine so we can go and see for weself,” the father said.

Police are investigating.