Writers protected despite absence of modern Copyright Act – Culture Minister


By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Writers and others professionals who seek to protect their work and in so doing continues to lament the absence of modern copyright laws are being reminded that their work is still safe despite the absence of a modern Copyright Act in Guyana.

Minister of Culture Dr. Frank Anthony
Minister of Culture Dr. Frank Anthony

This is according to Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony who said that there are others laws in place that protect intellectual property.

“No artiste should feel that they are not protected,” Dr. Anthony added.

He said the key challenge in enacting such a law is that it is multi- dimensional and those involved is far from agreement on the draft.

“A Copyright Act of 1956 is currently in place. This Act became part of the laws of Guyana after independence in 1966 by way of adoption and there have not been any amendments to it since then. Even though it may be old law, it is still the law and continues to protect intellectual property,” Dr. Anthony said.

Many professionals in recent times have lamented that the enactment of modern copyright laws are long overdue and called on the Government to do so as soon as possible.

It has also been the contention of several writers that the 1956 Act is woefully inadequate for the local and international circumstances in which the country and citizens now operate.

The calls to create legislation that balances the interests of citizens, producers, artists, resellers and others who may hold title in intellectual property rights continues to be made.



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