Update: Westfield Prep student tops NGSA with historic score

Nalia Rahaman
Nalia Rahaman

Nalia Rahaman of Westfield Prep, Georgetown has top the 2018 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) with a historic score of 529 marks, 1 short of the highest.

The NGSA results were delivered by Minister of Education Nicolette Henry at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) on Thursday.

Even though the Education Minister in her tabulation outlined that the highest possible score was 529, the Department of Public Information (DPI) in a subsequent release said that the highest possible score this year was 530.

1,4145 candidates sat the examination back in April. Of these 46 percent gained 50 per cent or more in social studies, a 1 percent drop compared to last year. Passes at science remained the same with 46 per cent achieving 50 per cent or more marks. There was a marked improvement of 60 per cent in passes for English compared to 54 per cent last year.

Meanwhile mathematics saw a 7 per cent reduction in those gaining 50 per cent or more. Minister Henry said this is a sign that there is need for government to continue interventions similar to those undertook last year.

On March 28 and 29, 2018, Grade Six students from both public and private primary schools across the country  wrote the examination so as to complete their primary education programme and gain entry into the secondary education system.

Top Grade 6 Results

Name                               School                                                 Marks

Nalia Rahaman            Westfield Prep                                             529

Arthur Roberts            New Guyana School                                    525

Kaydee Ali                   Success Elementary                                    524

Esha Lakeram             New Diamond/Grove Primary                      523

Cianna Barkoye           North Georgetown Primary                         523

Zyla Braithwaite            Success Elementary                                  523

Krystal Duncan              New Guyana School                                 523

Darren Ramphal               Leonora Primary                                    522

Natania Kissoon              Success Elementary                                522

Cassie Farinha                Peter’s Hall Primary                                 522

Saif Azeze                      Academy of Excellence                            522

Virendra Dookie               Leonora Primary                                    521

Jaya Jamuna                   New Diamond/Grove Primary                 521

Amaya Ramsarup           Green Acres Primary                               521

Dietra Fields                    New Guyana School                               521

Shakina Mc Gregor          One Mile Primary                                    521

Jaden Vansluytman        Dharmic Rama Krishna                             521

Hadiyah Alli                       Peter’s Hall Primary                               521

Deevina Chan                Vreed en Hoop Primary                            520




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