“We were wrongfully and unfairly dismissed” – NCN Editors

Edward Layne and Adele Rampersaud
Edward Layne and Adele Rampersaud

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Two former senior National Communications Network (NCN) Editors who were summarily dismissed on Thursday June 18, have denied allegations of misappropriation of funds that were levelled against them by the management of NCN.

Adele Rampersaud, a Radio Editor and Edward Layne, a senior Newsroom Editor, were booted from the NCN camp after an internal investigation found that they misused funds that were allocated for the coverage of a People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) elections rally in Bartica.

Reports indicate that the two provided bogus cash receipts for a hotel in Bartica which they  claimed they stayed at.

However, investigations revealed that only two rooms were booked and used at the hotel while the receipt provided was for some seven hotel rooms.

In a statement to the media on Friday June 19, the duo  stated that they “categorically reject these claims which bear no truth and are only designed to besmirch our character and integrity.”

According to the statement released by the two, the investigation came up inconclusive; however the company took a decision to terminate their services, despite the fact that Rampersaud and Layne requested that there be a professional investigation into the alleged wrongdoing by the Guyana Police Force.

“As a matter of fact, I was told by NCN’s Human Resource Manager Mr. Daren Khan, that he will decide if he wants to involve the police and maintained that we were dismissed. Significantly, our employment contracts were signed by the Chief Executive Officer, however Mr Khan denied my request to have an audience with the Chief Executive Officer of the company,” the statement noted.

“We conclude that we were wrongfull and unfairly dismissed and the allegations against us are rooted deeply in a political motive. We have since engaged our attorneys who will be pursuing the matter,” Rampersaud and Layne stated.

According to the statement, the two will support any criminal investigation into the allegations while noting that they were victims of a witch hunt by the new APNU+AFC administration.

“We urge that justice be served and that the new government live up to its promise of fairness, integrity and good governance.”


  1. Now it is just 80,000.00 how about when it is 8 million dollars. It’s not about the amount of money, it’s about the principle. If the money is not your’s don’t misappropriate it. Misappropriation of funds when you are in charge of a project, is grounds for termination. I would have terminated you, were you an employee of mine. plain and simple I cannot trust you.

  2. OVERREACTING……I believe that you are the one who is missing the point, its not about paying it back.Its not even about the amount in question. Its about the circumstances surrounding them being accountable for this.Its about integrity and if the receipts were not adding up and then they should have just gone to management and explained the situation,(because in actuality these things happen when you are in the field) instead of trying to hide it and giving fake receipts. That raises question,and ask around at any organization,and you would be told the same,and they would have been sent home anywhere else as well.” ASK AROUND”

  3. Since you feel so strongly about these two dishonest CROOKS…then you employ them if you own a business….it does not matter if it is a dime, dishonesty is and should not be the norm on any level.

  4. all yall talking S*** and miss the point, who in this place would thief 80,000 ??

    cant do nun with 80,000 much less split it in 2.

    40K a man ?

    thats less than chicken shit.

    if they didnt provide adequate receipts just ask them to pay it back.
    its not a million dollar crime .

    and im sure their salaries can cover 40,000 each from a months pay to recover the 80,000k if really necessary.

    total waste of time.

  5. This seems to be out of a disciplinary hearing. I hope the natural justice procedures were followed and the right to an appeal seems to have been dismissed. If this is so then trouble brewing.
    Layne was the choosen journalist to interview Bharat and Ramoutar. Interview by question preview it always looked lopsided. That doesn’t give the management of NCN to fire without following procedures.

  6. End up behind bars that is wishful thinking…Mr President would call that a petty crime and no need to go to jail
    If you keep in or below the cell phone range you are in good shape. So they are at $80,000. I would say they are in good shape.

  7. Cry baby cry,,the criminal ppp thief enough,,how much you got,,you calling people names, you brainless cockroach,,its the white power that rigged the PNC out in 92, KICK you criminals out,,so plant a palm and sell your empty CUP,,Jail time!!!

  8. inewsguyana, how come you guys have not reported on the public service employees who illegally transferred state vehicles to relatives of former government employees?
    The two fired NCN employees are not the only ones who tried to hustle the government.

  9. However you look at it and it doesn’t matter what people say.The fact of the matter is that if a company give you money to do company business,you need to provide proof of how you spent that money,And in case people don’t know,the proof you provide needs to add up.Meaning that the receipts need to match what you were given or what you spent.If you bring back bogus receipts and present them as proof,that’s criminal.Plain and simple.When people get caught they always cry wolf.However on the other side if these allegation were fabricated,(which i highly doubt) then it is indeed worrying.

  10. you think they are actually as stupid as you to take the matter to court where the likelihood is great that they both will end-up behind bars? you must point out that god you know who stands on the side of schemers and fraudsters because i want to book two hotel rooms and charge my employer for seven or eight.

  11. Are you serious Bobby?, MOON RUN TILL DAY CATCH HIM..have you heard of that saying. Wake up this is a new day all the DISHONEST ACTS are being revealed. You put whatever spin you want. The new government is just CLEANING HOUSE of all the THIEVES and DISHONEST FOLKS WHO RIP OFF TAX PAYERS. THEY WILL NOT WIN ONLY IF THEIR HANDS ARE CLEAN…GOOD LUCK!!!

  12. I totally agree with FREE. The PPP/C was locked out of power for so many years because of fraudulent elections by the PNC. They had an opportunity to fix the system to be free and clear but they failed. Instead, they (PPP/C) concentrated their efforts in lining the pockets of their friends and families with tax payers money. Indeed, much progress has been made in all sectors of the local economy. However, it seems like the rich was getting richer and the poor getting poorer. In a country with so much natural resources, why such big gap in personal wealth. How do you pick from the lesser of two evils??


  14. Good luck getting back your jobs. It’s a shame how this country and the people in it lives. There’s more to come as far as the eyes can see. PPP was supposed to put measures in place to never be rigged out of governance by these hooligans. All they wanted was to get to the top to show their ignorance. Nothing good will come of this so called CRAPNU. Just a bunch of dunce, power hungry circus freaks.


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