Visitors get a glimpse of what to expect for Mash 2018


Earlier today (Monday), arriving passengers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) got a glimpse of what to expect for Mashramani 2018. Upon their arrival, visitors were greeted by models displaying a kaleidoscope of colours representing Mashramani – an annual Guyanese carnival-like activity.

The model on stilts was a big hit with passengers

Every year, the management of the CJIA collaborates with a number of companies for pre-Mashramani activities to give passengers a glimpse as to what to expect on February 23.

Designer Maxi Williams and his models did not disappoint. One of the models was dancing on stilts, while four mingled and wished surprised and smiling passengers as they entered the Temporary Arrivals Building (TAB).

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph are here for Mashramani 2018

Elzbieta Bishop, a Polish who is married to Edward Bishop a Guyanese-based Canadian, is looking forward to her first Mashramani.

“My husband is so excited about it and from what I saw here this morning I can’t wait to experience Mashramani on Friday,” she added.

Rhonda Rodrigues, a returning Guyanese said that despite the bad weather her mood was lifted after being greeted by such a spectacular scene. “I am very pleased with what I saw this morning and must say that this welcome by the airport is awesome. Kudos!”

Nicolette Bailey, who hails from Canada, was all smiles while she was standing in the Immigration line.

“It was really an upbeat atmosphere and it was exciting,” she exclaimed.

This year, Mashramani is being celebrated under the theme “Let’s cooperate and celebrate Republic 48.”



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