Venezuelan military helicopter lands at Kaikan airstrip, Essequibo

[File Photo]

[File Photo]
[File Photo]
[] – The government of Guyana has asked Venezuela to explain why one of its helicopters landed at an airstrip at Kaikan, in Region Seven on Thursday, December 03.

iNews was reliably informed that a Note Verbale was sent to the Ambassador of Venezuela. Reports reaching iNews revealed that the chopper landed at the Kaikan Airstrip yesterday afternoon and occupants inquired from two women of the community if it was San Juan, Venezuela.

When the women replied in the negative and informed that they were in Guyana, the craft took off almost immediately. It was noted that troops from the Guyana Defence Force had noticed the chopper but before they could reach the area it took off.

Guyana and Venezuela are currently involved in a bitter border controversy with the Guyana government lobbying for a juridical settlement. The border controversy escalated in May this year when Venezuela issued a maritime decree claiming most of Guyana’s Atlantic waters. Since then Guyana has mounted an intense international campaign to rebuff Venezuela’s claims.




  1. I would like to suggest,all air-strips be manned by Security Personnel to prevent a recurrence of any aircraft landing there.It is most unfortunate,a presumption and eye-pass not to know where your aircraft landed.Guyana has got to be more alert.

  2. some time i laugh at ignorance infact it would be better for maduro to win than the opposition because,the opposition would definitely be more rootless in handling this border matter,because you don’t take the time to read other media outside bbc and cnn you don’t know what you are praying for

  3. Obviously Maduro is going to lose and elections and the right wing starting up their act…. Let Exxon have whatever they want… take as much advance as you can take from Exxon…. so Good Ole America has vested interest and save our asses !!!!

  4. Yea right.You don’t know you were in Guyana. Oh please that’s just as lame as the previous excuse for increase border patrol. Maduro better prepare for his lost on Sunday or a revolution in his country.


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