Vendors selling firecrackers will be charged – Police warns


The Guyana Police Force has issued a warning to vendors selling firecrackers and other similar kinds of explosives that they will be charged and prosecuted if caught with these items.

In a statement today (Saturday, October 26, 2019), the Police Force said it recognises that during the celebration of Diwali and thereafter, leading into the festive season of Christmas, there is usually an increase in the sale of firecrackers and other explosives.

On this note, the Police has issued a stern warning to those who sell these explosives, which can cause serious bodily harm and injury to both users and innocent bystanders.

There were instances in the past, the police said, when both children and adults experienced grievous bodily harm, during the use of these firecrackers.

Moreover, persons are also warned to exercise the necessary care and caution when making a decision to purchase firecrackers.

To this end, the police said persons who are caught selling or found in possession, thereof, will be prosecuted and face the consequences of the law.

Furthermore, Regional Commanders have been reminded to maintain and sustain law enforcement efforts which are aimed at preventing the importation of these firecrackers, seizing in instances where evidence purports sales and conducting raids and searches, based on information.