US looking to support local observer groups


By Jomo Paul

US Charge d’ Affaires, Bryan Hunt

[] – The government of the United States of America is looking to provide support to local groups that are interested in being observers of the May 11 General and Regional Elections.

This was confirmed by the US Charge d’ Affaires, Bryan Hunt who told journalists in a recent interview that the US is hoping that local groups show some interest in observing the elections.

He said that the US is “hoping to support domestic Guyanese groups” should they be granted observer status by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

It was noted too that since the government has already reached out to the Organisation of American States (OAS) to observe the local polls, the US will also be providing critical support to the regional body.

“Well we’re going to be supporting the OAS in their observer mission in Guyana…we will be putting money into that,” said Hunt.

According to him, the main interest of the United States at this time is to ensure that Guyana has free, fair and credible elections on May 11.

He pointed out that the local embassy will continue meeting with political stakeholders in the run up to elections.