Opposition failed at “good governance” – Peter Ramsaroop

Peter Ramsaroop

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Popular businessman and supporter of the governing People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government, Dr Peter Ramsaroop says that the Opposition had a chance at good governance in the tenth parliament and failed to demonstrate their capacity to do such.

Dr Ramsaroop, who shared his views with iNews, said that the nation already had a sneak peek of what is to come should the Alliance For Change (AFC) / A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) coalition take office after the May 11 polls.

He said “the Combined Opposition had an opportunity to demonstrate good governance since 2011 and has failed. Their test run of driving the car, [Leading Parliament] demonstrated their weakness and incompetence.  At every junction they showed that the well-being of our Nation was not a high priority, instead their focus was on just politics. I believe the Nation has been able to get a good glimpse of what an Opposition led Government would be like based on their lack of leadership during the 10th Parliament.”

According to Dr Ramsaroop, the disapproval of several key developmental projects by the combined opposition during the 2014 Budget Debate is testament to the fact that they are not interested in developing Guyana but rather plain politics.

“The good thing with the announced coalition is that it was already formed in 2011 in Parliament so the population has a full measurement of their style of management and based on the results of the last 3 years, and will not have a difficult time not voting for them. The excitement of this coalition is just not there among the voting population given the view of the failed Combined Led Opposition 10th Parliament,” he opined.