Update: Kaieteur Falls jumper was GPL Employee

Dead: Roshinee Pagwah
Dead: Roshinee Pagwah
Dead: Roshinee Pagwah

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Twenty – one – year old Roshinee Pagwah, who plunged to her death at the Kaieteur Falls on Saturday, November 21, lived in Reliance, East Canje, Berbice.

iNews understands that she lived with her aunt and mother and was employed as a Clerk with the Guyana Power and Light Company. Her family has been thrown into a state of shock since her death, pointing out that they are not aware of what could have caused the young lady to commit suicide.

iNews understands that she is her mother’s only child.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and the Protected Areas Commission, Pagwah was among a tour group of nine and two guides [1 Kaieteur Ranger and a staff member of Roraima Airways] and was about to be taken back to their aircraft, when she turned, ran towards the Falls, and jumped into the gorge.

It was noted that the tour guides on duty were unsuccessful in intercepting her dash.

“The Ministry wishes to inform the general public that due to this incident, the Kaieteur National Park will be closed until further notice as investigations are conducted by the Guyana Police Force. Reports indicate that revised tour protocols, including two guides per tour, regular head counts and the reporting of unusual behaviour, were in place and observed at the time of the incident.”

Prior to taking her own life, the young lady posed for several photographs at the Falls and reports indicate that she did not appear to be sad during the trip.



  1. Cheriyl ann.

    How can you be so heartless to make such comments.Every human goes through trials and testing and in the midst of it some makes unwise decisions that they always regrets.We are all place into this world to be our neighbor and brothers keeper.reality is reality but we must share each others burden.

  2. So many people world wide would be glad to visit the Beautiful Kaieteur Falls, were all rivers end of powerful water meet to make that mighty fall, A place to enjoy the best part of Nature!!! How could someone think of commiting suicide there? Could it be that she had smoke her drugs and then give an ear to the demonic forces that told her to kill herself, well she will soon be forgotten and long gone. Our Beautiful Kaieteur Water Falls will remains in it’s beauty to welcome one and all,She’s in HELL crying out for her soul were there is no rest.

  3. Sam, isn’t it obvious she was ‘fighting her own demons secretly”, depression comes in many different ways, I have dealt with happy looking girls who were so depressed and tried suicide in different ways, I was so happy to save her life on one occasion, she tried again, because depression gets thrown under the rug. NY heart goes out to her mom, may she rest in peace.

  4. This is why we should get to know the people around us better.so in time of need they have someone to rest their shoulder on.. very sad.may her soul rip.

  5. I do not get it, why wait until she waits to get to Kaiteur? an awesome landmark that is marked by tragedy. Sorry to sound so unfeeling but there is so much worse things in this world and she had it all and was sad??? Tell that to the child that is being abused, the kids that are starving all over the world!!! The homeless people everywhere and she was SAD!!!!

  6. Take a littl away from natural, put up some kind of barrier at that spot , so this does not happen again, so sad that people cannot deal with the pressures of life.

  7. It’s seems like kieture falls is talking ppl life it seems like jins around there cuz y wen young ppl have problem they only thinking abt kieture falls to take it life….think abt it ppl

  8. very sad to hear that another life gone for nothing it looks like the new rules of going there did not help one bit i would like to suggest that in light of the regular attempts to take ones life there i think the should start to handcuff all visitors together when at the falls area is the only true way of safe guarding the visitors because you can never know whats in the mind of someone .


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