Update: Dead 14 – year – old abandoned relatives, lost parents when he was 2 – years – old


By Kurt Campbell

The house where Andre once lived. [iNews' Photo]
The house where Andre once lived. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – He lost his parents while he was only 2 – years – old, was never registered or attended school and though he spent most of his life living at 726 Foulis, East Coast Demerara, he had no fixed place of abode.

He was only referred to as ‘Andy’ or ‘Andre’ and was 14 – years – old.  Residents were shocked when they discovered his lifeless and battered body on the roadway of Foulis early Wednesday morning (March 5).

When iNews visited the boy’s aunt Ramrattie Ronie, she related that Andy, who lived with her since his parents died, packed his clothing and left her house in the very first week of 2014.

Dead: 14 - year - old Andre.
Dead: 14 – year – old Andre.

She said she made attempts to locate him and even made a report to the Enmore Police Station but all of her attempts were in futility. Ronie said she saw Andy a few weeks later in Beterverwagting at a relative’s funeral but when she made attempts to get close to him he ran away.

She said she received reports during the time that Andy was “smoking and drinking” and was involved in several unbecoming activities. Ronie with tears in her eyes said she was very excited when Andy visited her late Tuesday afternoon, March 4.

She said she tried to talk to him but he did not stay for a long time at her house. Around 07:00hrs on Wednesday, the distraught woman said she received the news that he was found dead. According to her, his head was crushed and there were marks of violence about his body.

The sobbing woman added that there were tyre marks on his neck which led her to speculate that he may have been ran over by a vehicle. She said he was very stiff when they found him.

His aunt, Ramrattie Ronie. [iNews' Photo]
His aunt, Ramrattie Ronie. [iNews’ Photo]
The body is at the Lyken Funeral Parlour awaiting a Post Mortem Examination. Andy leaves to mourn three siblings, two of whom reside in the Unites States of America.




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