UK says no decision made on continued funding for projects in Guyana

British High Commissioner, Greg Quinn

The United Kingdom today announced that it has not made any decisions on continued funding for several projects in Guyana.

The UK, in a joint statement with the United States and the European Union (EU), had previously warned that the current state of unconstitutional rule in Guyana could affect development aid from its government.

Several days ago, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson was quoted as saying that the construction of the Linden to Mabura Road including the bridge over the Kurupukari River, will begin on October 1.

This project was funded by the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIPF).

But in a statement today, the UK High Commissioner to Guyana, Greg Quinn said “no decision has yet been made on the next, construction, phase of this project.”

The other project funded by UKCIPF is the Kingston-Ogle Kingston Project.

According to the UK diplomat, “Similarly whilst the UK funded the design phase of the Kingston-Ogle seawall project through UKCIF, no decision has been taken on the next phase of this project either.”