Two city businesses fined for littering


[] – Two business entities have been issued fines for littering in the city by the Litter Enforcement Unit of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A media release from the EPA stated that wardens patrolling the Lombard Street area issued a fixed penalty fine of $15, 000 to the owner of B. Sooklall Enterprise located on High and Harrel Streets for construction waste carelessly discarded at the side of the business.

Additionally, Mahendra Jagbandhan of Pet Boy Liquor Store was also issued a fixed penalty of $15,000 after he accepted responsibility for instructing a vagrant by the name of Roy Persaud to dispose of the business’ waste at the entrance of the La Penitence Market.

Mahendra Jagbandhan of Pet Boy Liquor Store

The EPA reiterated that, “it is an offence under the Regulations to cause or knowingly permit another person to commit an offence under the Regulations, which includes depositing litter in a public place.”

The release also stated that while efforts are on-going in the capital city, plans are on stream for the national rollout of the Litter Programme in Regions 3, 6, 7, and 10 in the first half of this year. This move will allow for wardens to be hired and operate within the various municipalities across the country to enforce the Regulations.

Littering is a crime, punishable by payment of fines from $50,000 for individuals and $100,000 for businesses. The EPA also reminded owners of public transportation that failure to provide a receptacle for litter disposal carries a fine of $15, 000.

To report cases of littering and illegal dumping, call the Litter Enforcement Unit’s hotline numbers: 600-0620, 225-5471-2, 225-0506, or e-mail [email protected].