T&T: Daughter of murdered man found at mall …Cops arrest 25-year-old man


(Trinidad Express) The 14-year-old girl whose father was mysteriously murdered days after she disappeared from the family house in Rio Claro, has been found in Chaguanas, in the company of a 25-year-old man. They were found at a shopping mall on Tuesday.

The man is being questioned by police in connection with a series of crimes.

Shivani Persad and Vishnu Persad
Shivani Persad and Vishnu Persad

Officers are also looking for evidence linking the killing of the girl’s father Vishnu Persad, to her disappearance days earlier. She was seen subsequently with the 25-year-old man, who was once a family friend.

Two male relatives of the suspect were detained by police on Sunday.

The suspects—aged 26 and 17—were held in Ecclesville by officers of the Eastern Division Task Force.

They were released on Monday after being interviewed by officers.

Homicide investigators are also probing reports that the shooting may have been connected to the illegal drug trade.

Persad, 39, was gunned down in the gallery of his home at around midnight.

Hours earlier he went to Mayaro in search of his missing daughter.

She was dropped off at school on Wednesday and never returned to her home at Mahabalsingh Trace, Ecclesville.

Persad’s wife, Rehana Persad, said that a few months ago a 25-year-old family friend came to their home and told them that he liked the teenager.

The parents told the man that their daughter would not leave her secondary schooling.

They told him he could wait several years for her, or move on.

On Sunday, police received information which took them into the Rio Claro forest to conduct searches at hunters’ camps.

The two hour search turned up empty.

Police also searched a house at Ecclesville, where the 17-year-old suspect was held.

The other suspect was held at a junction at Ecclesville Road.

Officers also impounded a Nissan March, which was sent for forensic testing for fingerprints and DNA.





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