Trotman/Welshman file still with DPP

Johnny Welshman (left) and his Attorney, Peter Hugh.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Johnny Welshman (left) and his Attorney, Peter Hugh.
Johnny Welshman (left) and his Attorney, Peter Hugh.

[] – The file pertaining to the investigation into the allegations made against Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman by Johnny Welshman remains at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

When contacted today, Thursday November 06, Communications Officer at the DPP’s Office, Liz Rahaman, told iNews that the file was sent to the DPP’s Chambers over a week ago; however, she could not say when it will return to the Police with recommendation on the way forward for the case.

She told iNews that the file is receiving “due legal attention.”

The young man in question made damning revelations on his Facebook Page against the Speaker, stating that he had sexual intercourse with him some ten years ago. He then reported the alleged assault to the Police, during which investigations were carried out.

Trotman on the other hand, has denied the allegations, claiming that the young man is mentally unstable.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews' Photo]
Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews’ Photo]
The Speaker believes the young man was motivated by politicians to make these accusations against him in an effort to divert attention from a serious upcoming matter in the House when Parliament reconvenes.

The Speaker was forced to file an injunction which bars Welshman from publishing any material relating to allegations he has made against him. Welshman had moved to the High Court, seeking to have the injunction discharged which was granted by the very High Court. However, he was unsuccessful.

He claims that he wants the injunction lifted so that he can make some other damning revelations, which he has recorded.

Welshman was also ordered to remove all malicious content from his Facebook Page.

In his Ex Parte Affidavit in support of the application for the injunction, Trotman has also sought damages in excess of $50 million for libel contained in statements allegedly made by Welshman and published in the local dailies – Stabroek News, Guyana Times – and on Welshman’s Facebook page.



  1. it puzzles me what kind of justice we have in this country. everybody can repeat johnnie’s allegation that he was buggered by trotman when he was a little boy,except johnnie himself. johnnie’s doing so may result in his being cited for contempt of court with the possibility of jail time. this is probably the first time in this country or any other country that a victim of sexual abuse is ordered to shut his mouth and don’t say anything about it. what do they want, the young man to do, bottle-up his feelings and then later do something crazy? I agree with carol that young johnnie should disregard their injunction and say what he has to say about what happened to him. the learned judge is an unjust judge;the dpp is studying the police report like ancient greek for her phd : the normally vociferous red thread,blue caps ‘ghra etc remain strangely silent while a victim of sexual abuse mouth is taped tight with an unjust injunction. say what you have to say , johnny, and take the matter to the Caribbean court of appeal if you are not given justice here.

  2. Sad state in Guyana.. I am one of the lawyers johnnie contacted and i read his statement it pass the Prima-facie stage the DPP needs to instruct the police to charge thee accuses..
    Trotman and his entourage Mark Benschop and Imran Khan and others continue to slander the young mans name.

    I think Johnnie should forget the injunction and blast them all pure evil in the AFC.Who in there right minds will vote for a man who attack the media and others with statements like hual yah ass. SHAME!!

    I was at the Queen Victoria Court on the 4th November.2014 Mr welchman is not receiving a fair hearing..The leader or the AFC Kemraj Ramjattan,Raphael Trotman, Nigel and a young lady in the chambers while Welchman old grandfather outside.. The Ag Chief justice should be discipline. Pure politics played that day.

  3. DPP is the most frightening aspect of the legal part of all this::
    DPP is a dunce so no more to say on her oh and she is such a dunce that criminal lawyers just kick her around like their footbal..poor lady is very much afraid of the criminal lawyers and their wrath ..sorry Jr your case closed in Guyana..when u big u big..just like mooklall..he too will get away with anything he does to anyone..


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