Trio in custody after robbing gas vendor at Windsor Forest, WCD

The suspects in police custody

Three suspects were on Monday arrested in an abandoned rice field after they reportedly robbed a gas vendor at Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara (WCD) of approximately $100,000 in cash.

Based on reports received, the vendor who sells gasoline, kerosene oil and other related items on a horse cart was intercepted by the three cutlass wielding bandits on Monday morning and relieved of the money that he had in his possession.

After committing the robbery, the three men reportedly made good their escape on foot.

The police were subsequently summoned to the area and a manhunt was launched to find the three suspects.

Based on information reaching this publication, after two hours, the men were reportedly found hiding in the abandoned rice field with the weapons used in the robbery in their possession.

Moreover, the suspects, who were taken into custody, were positively identified by the victim.

The men are being processed for court.


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