Trio charged with murder of Sterling security guard, GGMC officer

Murder accused Orin Arthur (iNews' photo)
Murder accused, Steven Prescott (iNews' photo)
Murder accused, Steven Prescott (iNews’ photo)

[] –The alleged masterminds behind the murders of the GGMC engineer, Trevor Abrams and the Sterling Products Ltd security guard Wilfred Stewart, were on Monday April 13, charged for the offences.

Steven Prescott, Orin Arthur and Rayon Paddy, were not required to plead to the capital offence, when it was read to them by the Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. 

It is alleged that on February 27, at Little Diamond East Bank Demerara, they three men murdered Trevor Abrams. 

Murder accused Orin Arthur (iNews' photo)
Murder accused Orin Arthur (iNews’ photo)

Two of the accused, Arthur and Paddy, had another charge read to them which stated that on December 24, at Providence, they murdered Wilfred Stewart, during the course or after a robbery.

The accused, Rayon Paddy 26, along with his accomplice Orin Arthur 25, were also fingered in a number of robberies at Mahaicony, whilst dressed as officers conducting patrol duties.

Murder accused Rayon Paddy (iNews' photo)
Murder accused Rayon Paddy (iNews’ photo)

During their appearance in court, they men had to also answer to eight additional charges, which included possession of narcotics, arms and ammunition and robbery under arms.

Paddy was also wanted for carrying out a botched robbery on Popeye’s Vlissengen Street branch, where he was shot in his buttocks, and escaped from police custody at the hospital.

 The trio was remanded. Investigations are ongoing in the matters.



  1. all efforts must be made to give these chap fair trials whether it be together or separate and if the evidence is there to prove them guilty, the all should be sent away for a very long time and they must spend 2/3 of each day they spend as wards of the state doing hard labor. every day they must be reminded of their crimes and live to regret what they did by putting them through the most rough and adverse conditions there is behind bars.


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