Trinidad suspends CAL pilots to investigate near aircraft collision at JFK


CAL[] – Safety inspectors from the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA) are due to hold discussions with Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control (ATC) officials on Tuesday following the near collision involving the Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines (CAL) and a fully loaded Jetblue plane at the John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport.

TTCAA director Ramesh Lutchmedial also confirmed that the two CAL pilots had been taken off flying duties, pending the outcome of the investigation.

“Caribbean Airlines Ltd is fully co-operating with the investigators,” Lutchmedial said in a statement.

On Monday, CAL said it was “working with industry authorities” into the incident that occurred last Saturday.

The United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has started its own probe and in a statement posted on its website, CAL said it is committed to the safety and security of all passengers.

“We are concerned to hear of an alleged incident highlighted on internet news sites regarding JetBlue 1295, and BW flight 526 on Saturday night (17th January) at JFK airport, New York.

“Caribbean Airlines takes allegations of this type very seriously, and is committed to working with the industry authorities to investigate all the facts. We are in the process of investigating and compiling the facts surrounding this allegation in cooperation with all Regulator agencies.”

CAL said in the interim, it is “complying with all incident management procedures included within its Safety Management System and adjunct regulations”.

The FAA said the planes never came within 2,800 feet of each other. [CMC]



  1. cal pilots are getting lazy now..on august 20 a cal flight almost touched the runway at timehri but had to scramble to get back up in the air..then they announced they could not land because of high winds..then pilot announced they will attempt a second try and if they cant land then its off to trinidad until the wind die down
    the strange thing that morning was the flight flew around for a few minutes then landed on the second attempt..when passengers got out the wind was blowing much less hgh must have been a freak wind gus that caused that..but its very…the pilot said if it cant land a second time then its off to trinidad…WHY CANT GUYANA HAVE A LANDING STRIP SOME PLACE ELSE RHATER THAN GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO TRINIDAD??????????? CAL PILOTS LOVES TAKING GUYANESE TO TRINI WHERE GUYANESE ARE FINGERED AND FEEL UP BY THE TRINIS PERVS..

  2. Pilot (s) went to ground frequency when they should not have. Ground control relies on the aircraft being passed to them after ALL active runways are behind them in their taxiway. It appears to be a mis-communication and they both missed an instruction to “remain on frequency” from the tower. Re-training will fix this.


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