Trinidad: Aspiring mechanic killed in drive-by shooting

Shaquille John
Shaquille John

(Trinidad Guardian) An aspiring mechanic was murdered in Carenage during a drive-by shooting in the area on Wednesday night.

Police said Shaquille John, of Resurrection, Upper Haig Street, had finished work and stopped off at a savannah in the area where some of his friends had gathered at around 9 pm. It turned out to be a fatal choice. A Nissan AD Wagon reportedly pulled up alongside the group and two gunmen in the vehicle opened fire.

John, relatives said, had his back to the roadway and was none the wiser to the attack while his friends scattered when made aware of the danger.

He was shot several times about the body. He was taken to the St James Medical Facility where he was pronounced dead.

Just one week ago, John, 20, had reconciled with his father, his mother Stacy Ann John told reporters at the Forensic Science Centre St James. She said he had long expressed his dreams to be a mechanic and having spent several years taking odd jobs with other garages, finally put aside his differences and accepted a role in his father’s garage. She said she was happy to see John make that decision because it meant that he would be off the streets and involved in a field he had long been interested.




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