Transgender Sex Worker kills self over abusive relationship

Dead: Desmond Lyken
Dead: Desmond Lyken
Dead: Desmond Lyken

[] – The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community was plunged into a state of shock and mourning when one of its own committed suicide.

Dead is Desmond Lyken also known as ‘Desiree’ who ingested poison last week. She died at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Sunday, December.

iNews was informed that Lyken, who is a commercial sex worker, ingested five carbon tablets after experiencing difficulties in an already abusive relationship which she shared with another man.

Friends of Lyken revealed that only recently she suffered a broken hand after the man tossed a piece of wood at her. Reports reaching iNews revealed that the man at the center of the incident reportedly ended the relationship with Lyken and moved on with another woman.



  1. The reporters need to be careful with their pronouns. If it’s a ‘she’ then she can’t be in a relationship ‘she’ shared with another man. Let’s learn to respect others hence, next time simply used her bf, her man etc….

  2. Why it should not make the news? You people are still living in the dark age. You do know guyana have and always will have LGBT right. Do you have any idea how many gay men in guyana get married to women and have men on the side???.


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