Toddler succumbs to severe burns – despite efforts to save his life


The 15-month-old toddler who was battling for his life after suffering 50 per cent second and third degree burns to his body succumbed while receiving medical treatment at a hospital overseas.

According to persons close to the family, Devin Bishoondial fought long and hard to survive but his tiny, fragile body could not handle the severity of his injuries.

15-month-old Devin received 50 percent burns INews was told that baby Devin died due to complications stemming from fluid buildup in his lungs and heart failure. Presently his mother Leisa is struggling to come to grips with the pain of losing her child and preparations for the baby’s funeral are being arranged.

In late April, the toddler was admitted to the GPHC’s Pediatric Surgical Unit after receiving injuries when his elder brother allegedly lit a fire and threw a highly flammable substance into the fire.

Reports reaching INews indicate that this caused a huge explosion resulting in baby Devin who was nearby receiving seriously burns about his face, chest and legs.

No immediate surgical intervention had been undertaken due to the limited areas of healthy skin treatment being offered at the hospital for infants.

The Saving Hands Emergency Aid (SHEA) Charity had accepted baby Devin’s case and was working with the GPHC to assist in helping him seek medical treatment in the USA.


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