Granger ‘deeply concerned’ about crime situation – extends condolences on Perry Mars death

President David Granger
President David Granger

President David Granger extends condolences to the wife and other relatives of Guyanese Professor, Dr. Pairadeau ‘Perry’ Mars, who was killed on Thursday evening. The Head of State condemns this vicious act and commends the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for the swift arrests made in the case.  He further calls for justice to be quickly served.

'KILLED': Professor Parietdeau Mars, a.k.a 'Perry'
‘KILLED’: Professor Parietdeau Mars, a.k.a ‘Perry’

The GPF has made six arrests in connection with the murder of Professor Mars and recovered items that had been stolen from his home.

Professor Mars served in various positions at several prestigious universities before taking up a post at Wayne State University in Detroit, USA, where he was Professor Emeritus. He was recognised for his work in African and Caribbean Studies. He also published several books in areas of his other academic interests. He was 75 years old.

A statement from the Ministry of the Presidency said  that while the President is satisfied with the speed with which many crimes are being solved, he remains “deeply concerned about the incidence of crime”. He continues to meet every week with the National Security Committee even as crime fighting efforts continue to be scaled up.


  1. The killing of the professor could be blessing in disguise…. In America when a celebrity dies of a common disease DIABETESE or CANCER etc more emphasis is placed on a cure… MONEY. It seems the Pres has now awakened, may be he has to take the lead… His soldiers are doing a terrible job. Let’s hope for betterment.

  2. Is the pardoning working? do not usurp the courts,capital punishment is the only solution,you don’t need north american style punishment,mr security minister.Dessie plan was the only one that worked….

  3. The PNC under the Burnham regime was a fail government now under the Granger government is the worst government i ever see i hope the Guyanese people are seeing that we are going back to the dark old days.

  4. May you rest in peace Perry. You were such a good friend of mine. Such long chats, laughter . Condolences to yoir family. I can’t believe this has happened .

  5. This President is still asleep after one year in office,while in opposition he spoke among troubling issues regarding crime…how he will address it & condemned President Jagdeo and Minister Rohee for being missing in action.Being a former Police Officer I’m sincerely urging President Granger to vacate his comfort zone; and deal seriously with the daily escalating crime in Guyana. He swore to protect Guyanese citizens…and now seemingly is incapable of stopping it because of inaction,go soft,laid back disgusting style which permeates his character. Former President Desmond Hoyte displayed much more courage to eradicate crime & societal ills in Guyana,while there currently exists audits of Govt.Departments and officials of the former regime; who were milking the Guyanese Treasury are yet to be charged and prosecuted by this administration. Many Guyanese here in North America,have expressed fears that President Granger is on a direct path of being a ” ONE TERM PRESIDENT ” because of his inept governing style,which directly relates to the decaying culture over which he now presides and has direct control. President Granger can change course by taking stern measures,roll some incompetent heads…i.e Commissioner of Police, Minister of Security & remove some square pegs in round PARTY holes;and where necessary legislate & amend those criminal laws in Parliament to increase greater punishment on criminals bent on creating havoc and fear within our society. Or may I suggest EXECUTIVE ORDER as is currently done here in USA by the President whereby with IMMEDIATE EFFECT ALL & SUNDRY …must ENFORCE THE PRESIDENT’S orders. Hoping that Guyanese enjoy the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebrations void of crime,as I and many here residing in the USA will not be attending because of the out of control crime in our homeland.

  6. Granger “deeply concerned” now, however when the elderly folks were brutally murdered last month, there was NO response from the President!

    PNC supporter gets the President’s attention, but ordinary Guyanese suffer in silence.


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