Three deaths in six days on West Dem roadway; Association concerned

Accident 1
A recent accident on the West Coast of Demerara

[] – Chairman of the West Demerara Road Safety Association Shahab Hack, has issued a call for all motorists and road users in the West Demerara area to exercise greater care on the roads in the region.

This follows the recent spate of three deaths over the past six days which has brought the number of road fatalities for the year to nineteen. Fifteen of the fatalities were adults and four were children.

In a media release, it was noted that members of the West Demerara Road Safety Association have been working closely with the Traffic Police ranks to stem the tide of serious accidents.

The Chairman pointed out that “they have identified the main causes of these fatal accidents and have been targeting cases of excessive speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, irresponsible use of the roadways by pedestrians, poor or no lighting along a number of roads and the need for pedestrians to move away from wearing dark clothing at nights.”

The Association says it is committed to preventing the unnecessary loss of lives and will continue their drive to get road users to practice the 5 Cs – Care, Courtesy, Common Sense, Consideration and caution.




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