Teleperformance Parking lot ramp demolished by City hall

The parking lot which was paved for workers attached to the Teleperformance Call Center after the parking meter initiative was given the green light, was yesterday attacked by representatives of City Hall.
The ramp which allowed vehicles to enter the parking lot located at the intersection of North Road and Camp street, Georgetown was broken to pieces by an excavator while a section of the fence was destroyed.
According to information reaching Inews, no explanation was provided by the Mayor and City Council for this act.
Meanwhile, Teleperformance representatives were still trying to come to grips with what transpired, and promised to issue a press statement when all information had been gathered. They told this online publication that they could not make comments until then.

In December, 2016, a source attached to the call center had disclosed that the  decision to have a parking lot established was taken due to the high number of workers employed with the company headquarters at Camp and Robb streets.

Media operatives were told that the entity had been searching for a suitable space to provide secure parking for its employees and had been negotiating with the owner of the plot of land at the corners of North Road and Camp Street. It was also disclosed by the representative of Teleperformance that permission had been granted by the M&CC.

At the time, City Engineer, Colvern Venture had stated that while he was certain an application was submitted, he could not be certain whether the application was filed by the owner of the land or the Call Center.

The parking meter initiative was rolled out and implemented only yesterday. Persons parking their vehicles near to parking meters are now obligated to pay $50 per every 15 minutes of parking. However, since it’s roll out, Georgetown has seen a significant reduction in the number of vehicles being parked, even in the most busy areas. (Ramona Luthi)


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