Telcor no longer building radio station in Queenstown


Telcor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc will no longer be constructing its radio station at the Queenstown Location.

This is according to a press release issued by the Company today, Monday July 15, addressed to the Editor of Capitol News, following their query.

According to the Company, following the Court matter, an understanding was reached by the parties that the site will not be used for the planned radio broadcasting facility, located at 119 Laluni and Peter Rose streets, Queenstown.

“Instead it is being developed for an alternative use as permitted by all the relevant agencies,” the press release stated.

In 2012, Senior Counsel Mr. Rex Mc Kay, the constituted Attorney of TRINE MISICK, a plaintiff in a civil action, filed a motion for contempt against Telcor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc., the Town Clerk of Georgetown and the Central Housing and Planning Authority.

In September, 2012, the Plaintiff’s Attorney wrote to the City Engineer complaining of the unlawful construction being carried out on the lot on Laluni Street.

On September 20, 2012, the City Engineer served a cease work order on the first defendant.

By the time the cease work order was served on Telecor on the  20th September 2012, Telecor had already completed the three foundations for the broadcast tower and poured concrete on them, each measuring approximately 6’x6’x6’.

It is said that By-laws 67 and 70 of the Georgetown Building By-laws prohibit the erection of any building for trade or business on any lot East of Oronoque Street, Queenstown. South half of lot 119 Laluni Street is situated  east of  Oronoque Street in Queenstown.



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