Teen prisoner found hanging in cell at Mackenzie Police Station


– probe underway

The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 19-year-old prisoner Maurice Summer of Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden, who was found hanging in his cell at Mackenzie Police Station about 14:45hrs today.
investigationEnquiries disclosed that the deceased was arrested for the alleged wounding of his uncle Sylvester Cambridge, who was hospitalised and discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation on 2016-11-23.
The Guyana Police Force, in a statement, said Summer was found during a routine visit by ranks, hanging from one of the cell’s grill bars with the jersey he was wearing. He was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex and was pronounced dead on arrival. The body is presently at the hospital’s mortuary awaiting a post-mortem.


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