Team Benschop claims members attacked…investigation launched


An investigation has been launched into the attack on several members of the Team Benschop group that is participating at the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE).

Injured Iqbal Rahim
Injured Iqbal Rahim

In a statement issued late last night, Team Benchop announced its member Iqbal Rahim was physically assaulted while placing Team flags on Dowdin Street in Constituency number two, Kitty.

Reports are that Rahim is nursing minor injuries following this assault. A report has been made to the police.

According to the statement, this is the most recent of a series of attacks on its members around the city which is allegedly being perpetrated by a member (name withheld) of a certain political group.

“The attack is not an isolated incident. Earlier today (Monday) while campaigning in Tucville, Constituency 12, Team Benschop candidates Mark Benschop, Royston Alkins and volunteers were trailed,” the statement said.

On February 8 last the statement said, a candidate for Constituency Number One, (name withheld) was instructed by her immediate superior at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), to stop campaigning as a candidate for Team Benschop or face disciplinary action.

“Team Benschop views these acts as infringements on citizens’ rights of association and freedom of political opinion as guaranteed under our Constitution. Team Benschop calls on all right thinking and law abiding citizens with the interest of Guyana to condemn these attacks,” the statement said.




  1. Are you going to blame members of the PPP party for this or Roger? I wonder what it feels like to be treated by like a douche bag by the ppl you help put into office ..You gon run to now??????


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