PPP says “Witch-hunting” continues…claims Freedom House employee arrested without any reason provided


People’s Progressive Party (PPP) employee Jason Abdulla was arrested last evening at Freedom House.

Reports are members of the Guyana Police Force turned up at Freedom House, Robb Street and arrested Abdulla without informing him of the reasons for his arrest.

Jason Abdulla was arrested last evening
Jason Abdulla was arrested last evening

INews was told that the employee was taken to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary then transferred to Grove/Diamond Police Station.

The Party in a statement late Monday night said that a lawyer representing the interests of the employee was told by the Police that the officers who arrested him had left the station and no further information was available.

At a recent picketing exercise in front of the office of the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Kingston, the Police attempted to arrest Abdulla but subsequently retreated.

“This development reinforces the suspicion of a carefully orchestrated diabolic plan by those in authority to target and harass people associated with the PPP. This vicious ongoing political witch-hunt is a serious cause for concern especially since the Police are being used to carry out these despicable acts,” the PPP said on Monday night.




  1. This is not a witch hunt this is intentional-burnhinhell is alive and well in Granger-he has to continue the work of his master-

  2. In 1970’s and 1980’s order to supress the Opposition,Forbes Burnham used to employed tactics like these. Now we see David Granger is doing the same. But the Working Class people will rise and be victorious. Time only time.

  3. The Dictatorship continues and the ABC countries plays blind eyes to Human Rights…How can the Police arrest someone without giving them information on what they have been arrested for? If this was to occur in North America, the Police department would be sued for MILLIONS! Unfortunately Guyana does not have such laws and will remain a third world country forever where HUMAN rights are being violated….Granger WILL do his best to make sure PPP is broken completely before next election rolls around…BECAUSE the incompetence DUNCES that is installed, do not have economic skills to take the country FWD. POLLS suggest the people are loosing FAITH in them so to cling to power, these installed crooks will do their very best to arrest everyone frame them…because so far NONE if the cases they have against PPP shows no evidence…the people WANT to see evidence….Is these a formal process? OR is this a cow boy country?


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