Teacher recounts horror of being victim of a vehicular accident

Survivor of a vehicular accident, Monix Hetemeyer

…as unlicensed driver caused victim’s leg to be amputated
…needs assistance for prosthetic leg

By Andrew Carmichael

Within seconds one’s life could change dramatically because of a reckless road user, and on many occasions that reckless road user is a driver.

That is the case of a university lecturer, whose dinner turned into a nightmare and changed her life forever.

Monix Hetemeyer, a survivor of a vehicular accident, is now someone living with a disability.

The lecturer at the University of Guyana’s Berbice Campus and teacher at New Amsterdam Secondary School, who also serves as a co-pastor for a church, refers to herself as a wife, mother, sister, and singer.

However, she said her life changed on February 20, 2022, when she was having dinner and enjoying the comfort of open-air dining with a friend at a snackette in New Amsterdam, Berbice.


“Out of nowhere, a vehicle ploughed into our table, propelling us through the glass window and into the snackette. The driver did not have a licence but yet still he was driving. It was the worst night of my life to date.”

Prior to that, Hetemeyer was involved in a lot of things, including being a musician and an assistant pastor. However, she was forced to stop participating in the activities she was accustomed to, and forced to go through rehabilitation both mentally and physically.

Additionally, she had to find extra money to take care of her medical expenses.

“And I still have to do this because of my condition which creates a constant need for money. God was and continues to be my source. Now I have a disability because of someone else’s negligence on the road,” Hetemeyer explained.

The 35-year-old lecturer said she is now left to live the remainder of her life in discomfort because of a person’s negligence. However, on the positive side, Hetemeyer refuses to let the accident determine the rest of her life. She said being someone living with a disability does not mean that her life is over.

“I am back at work and I am seeking the means to get my prosthesis which will improve my ability to move around.”

Hetemeyer is appealing to drivers to value their lives and those of others.

“It is funny how only my friend and I who were having a good time were physically harmed by the mishap and not the person who caused it.

“Breaking road safety regulations is a blatant display of irresponsibility,” she emphasised.
Hetemeyer has also launched an appeal for public assistance to pay for her prosthesis.
She can be contacted on telephone number (592) 681-7552.