Teacher living in fear after receiving death threats from ex-lover


Michelle Nieuenkerk, a nursery school teacher who recently ended a relationship with her lover, is now living in fear after receiving a number of threats. As such, the 45-year-old mother of six is calling on the police to take the necessary actions.

Speaking with Inews on Sunday, Nieuenkerk explained that on Thursday last, she went to work where her ex-lover, Stravo Evans, showed up and threatened to kill her because she did not buy him a birthday gift.

“I simply told him that I texted you, what more you want? The response made him angry and started to tremble. He started to speak to me very loudly,” said Nieuenkerk.

This prompted the Head Teacher of the school to take swift action and ask the man to leave the premises. However, shortly after, Evans returned and threatened the woman.

The fearful woman related that a few staff members, including the cleaner and security guard, intervened and asked him to leave for the second time.

Nieuenkerk noted that while the man was making threats, she ignored him but this made him angrier. Eventually, however, he drove off.

Michelle Nieuenkerk

Nevertheless, the woman said while she was at home, she received threatening messages via WhatsApp.

The terrified teacher explained that “When I open the message, I saw that he sent a photo of himself posing with a gun. He told me he will kill me and disfigure my face”.

It was further related that Evans threatened to harm the woman’s 25-year-old son, with whom he is familiar. The woman claimed that she suffered both physical and mental abuse at the hands of Evans for the past two years.

She, however, ended the relationship with Evans after he threw a brick at her, resulting in her receiving injuries.

Several reports were made at the Ruimveldt Police Station but the man remains on the run. Nieuenkerk is hoping that the police apprehend him soon before he harms her.

Evans is no stranger to the courts. He was slapped with several charges ranging from illegal possession of arms and ammunition, abduction, murder, and robbery.

Several months ago, he was sentenced in absentia to two years’ imprisonment but never served his time behind bars. However, this incident with Nieuenkerk has the Police on high alert for the man.