Tariff reduction on renewable energy equipment forthcoming – President


In an effort to encourage the establishment of renewable energy sources, government will soon be moving to reduce the tariffs on the importation of key materials utilised to create greener energy.

President David Granger has hightlighted the importance of having a greener economy; lessening the country’s addiction to fossil fuel, and moving into a new world with huge wind and solar farms, and hydropower systems.

President David Granger
President David Granger

In order to advance to that stage, President Granger said his government will introduce legislation to allow for the reduction of tariffs on the importation of all equipment used to generate renewable energy.

He was at the time fielding questions on his weekly programme, “The Public Interest”.

In outlining the immediate steps he will soon embark upon to achieve a green economy, the President noted that the tariff reduction is of critical importance in this process.

“We did this when we were embarking on the information technology revolution, we just reduced tariffs on computer equipment and we must do the same now for power generating equipment,” he stated.

However, the President said the most important aspect would be to educate and expose stakeholders, including children, about the whole concept of a greener country.

“Mainly it is, first of all, providing the sort of education and exposure to students, to teachers, to other operators within the public and private sector so that they will know what is available, have exhibitions, that sort of thing,” he stated.

Thirdly, the President said government must lead the way in rolling out renewable energy systems: “We must take the lead, in government buildings, apartment buildings, university and so on, we must take the lead in actually converting these premises into buildings which use renewable energy, within the next 24 months.”

Asked about any particular project of this nature, President Granger said the main initiative at this moment is to transform Bartica into a model green town, displaying all aspects and measures for implementing sustainable renewable energy.

In fact, he disclosed that there is a plan outlining how government will embark upon converting Bartica into a green town.

On the matter of funding for these lucrative undertakings, the Head of State made it clear that the country under his rule will not be seeking any handouts from other countries or international organisations.

According to Granger, Guyana must learn to become dependent on its own resources and take responsibility of its own projects. However, he did not dismiss the idea of forming partnerships with international bodies to work on projects of this nature.


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