Bandits snatch $800,000 from Berbice ‘money changers’ in daring attack


Two armed men executed a daring daylight robbery this morning in Rose Hall, Berbice when they snatched GYD $800,000 from two Berbice ‘money changers’. 

INews understands that although the two bandits made good their escape from the crime scene, police ranks managed to track down one of the suspects who has since been arrested. 

robberyReports are that around 08:30hrs today the armed duo, while on foot, approached the ‘money changers’ and held them at gun-point. The perpetrators demanded that the two men hand over their cash, which they complied with out of fear.

The two armed men then fled the scene of the crime. 

However, quick action by police ranks who were alerted led to the capture of one of the two suspects who is also wanted by law enforcement officials in connection with other robberies which took place in Berbice over the past few months. 

The police also managed to retrieve a firearm from the man they have arrested. 

Meanwhile, ranks are on the hunt for his accomplice who is believed to have all of the stolen cash in his possession.



  1. They have to exercise more care with all the robberies n killings going on.Really next you will tell them to be careful when taking a dump–The police fool Amsterdam needs to be investigated it seems to me like he knows whats going on and is getting a piece of the pie.

  2. The KNUCKLE-HEAD–Amsterdam claimed that the crime rate is down what a buffoon.THIS FOOL SHOULD FIRED AND LOOK UP .

  3. These money changers are crazy flashing thousands of dollars with no concern. I saw this coming. They have to exercise more care with all the robberies n killings going on.


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