‘Swift cab’ driver knocks down family, drives away


An unidentified cab driver attached to ‘Swift Cabs’ taxi service was earlier today involved in a collision with a family of three who were travelling along Sheriff Street, Georgetown, on a motorcycle. He subsequently drove away from the scene.

Reports indicate that the male cab driver was approaching Sheriff Street from Drury Lane, when he hit the motorcycle.

The taxi driver who drive off from the accident scene today
The taxi driver who drive off from the accident scene today

An eyewitness relayed to INews that the family on the motorcycle consisted of a couple and their infant, who was strapped in front of his father.

This online publication understands that the collision resulted in the family being thrown off their motorcycle, upon which the driver of the ‘Swift Cabs’ taxi began quarrelling as he exited his vehicle, giving the impression that he was “ready to fight.”

However, after realizing that other drivers stopped to assist the family, the taxi driver drove away from the scene.

The matter was reported to the Police station and the baby was taken for a medical checkup. (Ramona Luthi)


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