Suspected arsonist in Cummings Lodge deadly fire released on station bail

The fire at the apartment complex in Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown on June 27
The fire at Cummings Lodge, which claimed the lives of three persons

The suspected arsonist in the deadly fire at Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown has been released on station bail.

The fire, which occurred June 27, claimed the lives of three persons: a husband, wife and their 14-year-old son.

Regional Commander Phillip Azore told this publication that the man was released following the expiry of the 72-hour detention period. However, the Regional Commander noted that ranks are awaiting the conclusion of the Guyana Fire Service’s investigation before moving forward with the police investigation.

The suspected arsonist, who was taken into custody at the scene of the fire, was identified as the grandson of the landlord of the property which was destroyed. The

Those who perished in the fire are Dawall Ifill, 14; his mother Beverly Miller, 40, and his step-father, Martin Lewis, 46.

Fire Chief Marlon Gentle, just a day after the fire, had told the media that there were allegations about threats due to non-payment of rent, and there was some sort of confrontation between the tenants and the suspect.

However, sister of the now dead woman, Desiree Miller, who also lived in the apartment building, told reporters that the property was the source of a dispute between the landlord’s son and the man who was arrested. The landlord (the original owner) recently passed away, reportedly triggering a feud over the property.

Miller said in 2019, she and other relatives who were renting apartments were told that they would have to vacate the premises because the building had been sold.

Shortly after, they were told to stay and pay a reduced rent, since the owners were trying to refund the person who had purchased the building.