Suspect in Agricola fatal shooting nabbed, confesses to crime

Caption: Dead: Tyron Duesberry

The man who was fingered in the shooting to death of 27-year-old Tyron Duesberry on June 22, 2020, whilst he was searching for party spots was nabbed by the police.

The suspect is said to be a known character to lawmen and was previously fingered in several armed robberies. In fact, he was recently released from prison serving time for armed robbery.

Inews was told that upon his arrest and interrogation, he has confessed to the crime.

During his confession, he told detectives that he was at a party at Brutus Street, Agricola, Greater Georgetown, when Duesberry arrived. He claimed that the two are known to each other and upon seeing him, the now dead man discharged several rounds in his direction.

In retaliation, he whipped out a firearm and returned fire. It was during the exchange of gunfire, Duesberry was shot to the abdomen.

When contacted, acting Police Commander Senior Superintendent Phillip Azore noted that the case file was completed and was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutors (DPP) for legal advice on where to implement charges.

It was reported that on the day in question, Duesberry, his wife, and two friends had left a popular night bar in Georgetown and travelled to the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) in search of party spots.

They eventually ended up at Brutus Street, Agricola where they saw a huge crowd and decided to stop there.

However, as the car came to a halt, the police stated that loud explosions were heard emanating from within the crowd. As a mean of protecting himself, Duesberry was trying to lay flat on the back seat of the car but one of the bullets struck the back windscreen of the vehicle which eventually hit him to the back. The bullet reportedly exited his abdomen.

Upon realising that he was shot, his wife who was also at the back seat raised an alarm and he was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The matter was reported and an investigation was launched.

During the investigation police received substantial information and as such, the suspect was identified and arrested.