Suresh Beharry sets the record straight

Suresh Beharry

See full statement issued by Tagman Media on behalf of Suresh Beharry:

Social media posts and news stories in the last 48 hours state that our client, Suresh Beharry, had been “tasked” to intercede with the authorities in Guyana on a matter concerning apparent limits to CARICOM nationals doing business in Guyana, in the context of the recently enacted Local Content Act.

This narrative is false and misleading. Contrary to these stories, Mr. Beharry was not tasked to advocate for the position contended for by some regional businesses. The sum total of his advice to certain entities was that they seek constructive dialogue and engagement with our Government and local stakeholders and to avoid any confrontation or disruptive fallout. In the interest of comity, he was prepared to attempt to facilitate an initial engagement.

Mr. Beharry supports Guyana’s Local Content legislation; in particular, as it relates to the nascent Oil and Gas Industry. In fact, like many others, he has contributed to the in-depth discussions on Guyana’s Local content legislation at each of many iterations.

Further, Mr. Beharry welcomes the provisions, protections, and incentives that are provided for all businesses to invest and grow in our oil and gas space.

Should there be any further questions, they can be directed to our offices.