Sukhai in hostile reaction to iNews over delayed start of signing ceremony

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai

[] –Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai on Wednesday, February 25 behaved in a hostile manner towards iNews’ Corporate Communications Officer, Tracey Khan – Drakes during the signing of an agreement at the Ministry’s Thomas & Quamina Streets office.

The incident took place when the event turned into a discussion/negotiation and went on for approximately 30 minutes after the scheduled 11:30hrs timing. Upon Khan – Drakes’ inquiry from the Minister as to when exactly the signing will commence, Sukhai in a very hostile manner, told the Reporter to leave the assignment.

After awaiting the Minister’s arrival to the boardroom for about 10 minutes, Reporters were asked to wait another five minutes by the Minister for the arrival of the Chinese interpreter; however her five minutes turned into 20 minutes as the confusion was obvious between the Minister and her advisers who were back and forth making corrections to the agreement.

This then followed talks between the Minister and Toshaos, who were also invited, about what should have been added and deleted from the agreement.

It was then that Khan-Drakes inquired about the commencement of the signing. This was greeted with hostility and arrogance, as the Minister responded, “If you have another engagement, you can leave.”

Following her response, other reporters and media operatives reiterated the question that was asked by the iNews Reporter, stating that, “Minister you asked for 5 minutes and now you’re not saying anything.”

Mrs. Drakes then restated her question and told the Minister that she did not asked to leave, but merely inquired about the time the signing would commence.

The Minister paused in anger for approximately a minute and then responded to say 10 minutes. Khan – Drakes eventually left the assignment upon instructions from her Editor.